Gathering Inspiration

Since moving to California by way of Boston and New York, we've always been struck by the unique flora and fauna, the architecture and what people do around town. 

We remember how transient Boston felt- a conglomerate of academic institutions filled with young-20-something-year-olds figuring out who they are, guided by professors with well established careers. And after 4-6 years, the cycle starts all over again. 

In Los Angeles, people feel settled, in spite of the shift in residents spurred by myriad urban factors and the pandemic. The most volatile changes in society are the trends, which made us wonder how to create timeless textiles that appeal to all ages in every stage of life. 

Fast forward a few months and our scrappy art practices helped us find resources like the SoCal fiber shed, the SoCal Weavers Guild, and the Arts Garage. We're excited to share some of our visual inspo that came out of connecting with all these new communities, resources and the general SoCal landscape. 

The following images gave us color inspo, texture inspo and what we see around LA- in the city and in the wilderness.

Dried Urchin on the shores of CatalinaRam from a farm in Acton, CASmall ridge in the PalisadesOrganic rock formation in Santa Monica MountainsFlower shop at ROW DTLA Smorgasburg LA Candid Shot

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